It's inevitable,

- that DSA is simply the right partner in competently dealing with all security matters surrounding industry, commerce, trade and in regard to the safety of private persons. Our company philosophy is the outcome of our more than 23 - year experience in the business. The trail to trustful cooperation is paved by our sense of responsibility, reliability, absolute discretion and an ever ready and present alertness. Any time and in whatever situation. We securely and successfully cover the whole security service sector - from personal protection, Investigative services, transporting money and valuables to uniformed guard services. Our field operations are spread across a wide range of objects including embassies, law firms, hotels, industrial facilities, shopping and entertainment centres as well as renown automobile manufacturers. Furthermore, our company offers courses and seminars in Pre- & Post-Graduate Guard and Personal Security (Body Guard) Training.

For your safety

Safety Management is Availability Management / The administration of available resources. Structured l Schemed l Organised security is a concept ional and logistical task that has to be considered a continual process and dealt with a such. Safety is not an end in itself to security. There are, certainly, legal stipulations for definite minimum measures (to be met), but even these should be geared towards functional internal company goals. So - why are security measures executed? They serve the sole purpose of guaranteeing the availability of personnel, products (goods), services, infrastructure, distribution, Know-How and markets, as clearly defined corporate operatives, and, henceforth, insure (secure) their continued existence. Safety Management is thus the development (evolution), implementation and adapt ion of solutions to deal with (handle) the simple and complex problems/issues and tasks to permanently secure all functionality in your company operations - or for you, as a private person (entity). Security measure have to be executed - why??