Surveillance / Guard Property Services

It is an absolute necessity to observe and protect the interest of customers, guests and visitors - regardless whether the object in question is a company, an embassy, a public facility, an office and or business complex, an airport, an exhibition site or shopping mall. This has to be done with the highest measure of competence and a sense of responsibility. Additionally, the high value of buildings, facilities and complexes requires the assignment of dedicated specialists as well as other knowledgeable and skilled personnel, all well aware of their responsibility and duly able to meet the demands of this challenge at any one time. In the clarification of circumstances surrounding the occurrence of damage in cases of property defilement, industrial espionage or sabotage, we measure up to the task at hand through the assignment of professional and experienced investigators who will - if need be - operate undercover.



Transporting money and valuables

There's only one way for one to be predestined for the reliable transportation of money and valuables - one has to be adequately prepared and in position to deal with the (potentially) hazardous extremities. We take care of transporting your money and valuables, while covering all risks including the pavement risk. We transport all kinds of other written material and documents, protect your pieces of art and are present at the exhibition of your valuable pieces with the backing of our personnel. With our modern and up-to-date equipment, combined with our experience of decades in the business and continuous upgrade training, we are your dependable partner whenever safety and absolute professionalism are called for.

Personal protection (Body Guard Service)

Contracts in the field of personal protection usually demand high standards of operation from our forces as the persons in question mostly are in actual fact in concrete and acute endangerment. Avery exact analysis of the security situation in close cooperation with the relevant persons of responsibility and state authorities is of core importance. Personal protection is a matter of absolute trust and demands strict discretion at all times.


Training, Specialist Courses, Pre- & Post-Graduate Training

Our training scheme is a chain of connected concepts. We offer (you) training courses in which the necessary spot practice is imbedded, with solidified competent knowledge in all relevant areas(fieIds) of personal protection. DSA's experienced trainers accompany you through your course (training), passing their _ knowledge and skilled abilities on to you in our company's own training facilities and shooting range.

Chauffeur / Shuttle and VIP Service

Our specially trained personnel are remarkable for their first class co-ordination, perceptive situational interpretation, competence and experienced soft skills in dealing with the extremely delicate matters of Chauffeur / Shuttle and VIP Service. Businessmen and executives, private persons, politicians, actors and actresses, athletes and other celebrities all enjoy the discrete and yet personal treatment when in the custody of the DSA Team because of our professionalism.


Event Security / Party Services

Every event requires it's own first-hand situational analysis that is consequently rounded up with a tailor made concept of security measures. We take care of preoperational tasks preceding the event. These include complete surveillance of the event venue including parking lots, maintaining the access to emergency entry and exit points, and securing side entrances. Depending on the nature of the event, the guests and the personnel of the host may be put through security checks.